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Creating Six Taste Grain Bowls

I eat some kind of grain bowl basically every day. It’s such a wonderful way to get a variety of seasonal veggies, spices, legumes and grains. The more variety of these things in your diet, the more healthy your micro biome will be. These bowls nourish your entire system and always look so colorful and life giving, hello prana!

Once you know the basic template, each day can be a totally different vibe yet always packed with flavor and nutritional goodies. It’s a great way to get creative in the kitchen and create meals that nourish your constitution.

Typically I try to make sure my bowls have all 6 tastes present. Ayurveda notes the six tastes as; sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent & astringent. Each taste having a different function and effect in the body.

Each taste is derived from 2 of the 5 elements and brings its own unique qualities and effects to the body and mind. We need all of these tastes in our diet, just as we need all of the elements in our daily life. Sometimes we can use a taste to bring balance to the system. While other times too much of any one taste can cause health problems.

With a little bit of ayurvedic awareness and knowledge you can easily make these bowls tri-doshic or geared towards either Vata, Pitta or Kapha. I always lean my bowls towards seasonally available veggies, and keep my raw veggies limited as they are more difficult to digest.

Basic Template for building a grain bowl!

~ Pick your grain

~ Pick you protein

~ Pick your veggies

~ Decide on any toppings

~ Add some delicious sauce and viola!!

Pro-Tips for taste & digestion:

> Soak your grains & legumes

> Always cook your veggies in a healthy fat!

> Use your spices!

> Fresh herbs are a great topping!

> Limit raw veggies as they can cause bloating

> Add seeds for a nutritional punch & very pleasing crunch factor

> Make some delicious sauces!

> If you eat animal protein please source it wisely

> Add an egg on top!

> avoid mixing fruits in there unless using a citrus for a squeeze on top!

If you’d like more guidance on how to make green bowls for your current state of doshic balance, or how to create more balance with the six tastes please reach out for guidance!

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