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GREETINGS! I'm so happy you are here, 

My name is Leigh,

I am here to empower you to become an active part of your wellness journey and teach you how to heal naturally & bring radical transformation into your daily life.

Leaves Shadow

Using the time tested ancient wisdom & tools from Ayurveda, I will help you to understand your unique constitutional make-up and embrace simple daily practices that restore and maintain balance in your life. 


It is going to feel intuitive, and it is going to feel really good! 


Ayurveda, at its heart, is the living embodiment of intuitive wisdom. I guide you to tune into that wisdom and learn to listen, adapt, and respond to the changing nature of your body and life. 


I teach you how to take control of your health and become your own best healer. So that you CAN…


-heal your menstrual cycle

- know how to eat for your body 

-heal your relationship with food

- feel more energized 

- sleep more soundly 

- improve the quality of your skin 

- feel great during your pregnancy & afterwards

- create balance in your life 

- feel in control of your health

- feel deeply happy & connect with your life’s purpose 


You are not alone, I’ve been there too…

I spent the majority of my teens and early adult life struggling with my health. My body was deeply in need of healing and it was so hard to find answers or clarity.  


Countless doctors prescribed me medications to deal with depression, hormonal imbalances, insomnia and digestive problems. 


Never once did anyone inquire about my diet, lifestyle or stress that was building in my life. No one was looking for the root to my imbalances.


I knew something needed to change. So I began to try all the things...I hopped from one health trend to the next looking for that sweet spot.


I cleaned up my diet, went raw, went vegan, did juice cleanses, soup cleanses, YOU NAME IT! I ran everyday, became a yoga instructor and incorporated affirmation & meditation. 


Slowly things improved, but even when I was doing “all the right things” and eating all the “healthy foods,” I still was not feeling balanced. 

So much gratitude for my Teacher Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurveda taught me about my constitution and how to care for my unique needs.


By implementing simple & accessible practices into my daily life, aligning with my true nature and the world around me, my health completely transformed.


I healed years of absent periods & painful cystic breasts. I shifted from restrictive dieting to intuitive and nourishing eating. I learned that food is medicine and that I am the creator of my health & happiness. 

I learned that I am my best healer.

And now I will guide you to do that! 

Then, I discovered Ayurveda.


And everything changed.

You do not have to be perfect or give up everything that you love to heal and be in balance.

Are you doing all the right things but not seeing the results you want?

Do you feel overwhelmed by conflicting information on diets and wellness?

Are you ready to improve your health but need a plan?


You are in the right place

Click here to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and begin your radical transformation 


  • BA degree in both Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Colorado. 
  • Studied 2 years with Dr. Vasant Lad at the renowned Ayurvedic Institute and is a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.
  • She continued her journey to India with Dr. Lad and assisted as a pancha karma therapist at the Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda in Pune. 
  • 200-YTT at the White Lotus Foundation under the mentorship of Ganga White and Tracey Rich.
  • Birth doula (DONA) & Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula (Isha Oaks & The Sacred Window Center). 
  • Women’s hormonal health with Dr. Claudia Welch
  • Currently studying to be a clinical herbalist at the Herbal Academy
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