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Postpartum Support

Postpartum doulas provide emotional and physical support to new mothers and families. They are basically that missing link of nourishment during a time when most people find themselves at a loss for information and in need of hands-on support.


Historically women have always had a big network of other women tending to them after birth. Those women also help to prepare food, offer childcare, and keep things tidy around the home. Unfortunately, our culture has bred an environment that leaves many mamas undernourished, alone and more stressed. 


Ayurveda believes that the first 42 days following birth are considered the most precious time for healing and preparing the mother for stepping gracefully into her new role as mother. This period is supportive to the entire family, but primarily focuses on tuning into the needs of the mother and helping her to thrive. Proper care during this time can protect from exhaustion, depletion, and postpartum blues and anxiety, rebuild delicate post-birth digestion, help strengthen tissues, and support plentiful breast milk and a stronger emotional bond with your baby.

Full Postpartum Care

  • One postpartum planning session

  • Personalized postpartum nutrition plan 

  • 10 at home postpartum visits

  • 10 days of postpartum foods to restore the digestive fire & nourish mama 

  • 2 nourishing massage treatments with herbal oils 

  • 2 marma & womb massage with optional belly binding

  • Preparation of herbal sitz baths or vaginal steaming

  • Baby massage lesson

  • Provide  Herbal ghee, oil & postpartum tonic

  • meditation & gentle movement

Investment of $2,222 & can be paid in 3 installments 


Postpartum Meal Package

  • One postpartum planning session

  • Personalized postpartum nutrition plan including recipes

  • 10 at home postpartum visits

  • The first 10 days of postpartum foods to restore the digestive fire and nourish mama 

Investment $1,400 & can be paid in 2 installments 


Postpartum Planning

  • One postpartum planning session

  • One private Ayurvedic workshop where I will teach you about nutrition and self care practices for postpartum

  • Personalized postpartum nutrition plan including recipes

Investment $333


Postpartum Love Includes Things Like:

  • nourishing meals to restore & rejuvenate properly after birth 

  • learning to eat for your body, but also for your breastfeeding journey 

  • Feeding and breastfeeding support

  • Mother-infant bonding

  • The mother’s physical healing process 

  • Herbal support

  • Mother and infant oil massage 

  • Nutritional guidance and home cooked meals 

  • Help with organising childcare and other support

  • Providing a safe emotional container: Postpartum doulas help to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for new parents to comfortably move through their emotions

  • We’re there to help normalize, reframe, and reassure.

Leaves Shadow

Let's Work Together

If you are unable to purchase these packages, but would like to have support, please reach out and we can work something out together. 

email me at:

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