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Fertility & Preconception


For centuries Ayurveda has taught that a trimester of care before becoming pregnant is equally important as each trimester of pregnancy. The preconception period is a time to bring the body to a state of balanced well being inviting in the best health possible for yourself, your partner, and your future child. This time prepares a sacred womb space and healthy field for a healthy seed to root and grow. It’s a partner process, so the role of both the man and woman are equally emphasized. 

Our work together will get your body ready to conceive through Ayurvedic practices of cleansing, nourishing and preparing the most fertile ground for your little seed to be planted. An Ayurvedic detox will help remove what ayurveda calls aama (undigested food which turns toxic in the body), purify the deeper layers of the body, and correct imbalances.  After cleansing, we will rebuild the important nutrients and nourishment to the tissues and prepare the mental and physical body for trying for pregnancy. 

Pregnancy & Birth

The body is an extremely intelligent organism and knows very well what to do during the months of pregnancy, but there are rapid and delicate adjustments that you’ll experience while growing your little seed. I’m here to support you alongside your obstetrician or midwife during this time.

I can guide you through beautiful practices which will help to invite more ease and comfort to have a smooth and joyous pregnancy. Each month is an opportunity to support the specific changes occurring in both yours and baby’s body with food, self-care, yoga postures and breathing, and abhyanga (ayurvedic oil massage).


Postpartum Care & The Sacred Window

Ayurveda believes that the first 42 days following birth are considered the most precious time for healing and preparing the mother for stepping gracefully into her new role as mother. This period is supportive to the entire family and it can protect you from exhaustion, depletion, and postpartum blues and anxiety, rebuild your delicate post-birth digestion, help strengthen your back, and support plentiful breast milk and a stronger emotional bond with your baby.

I like to think of this through a more modern lens called the Golden Month. Together we will develop a post birth plan and I will come to your home and provide meals, infant care support, herbal sitz-bath remedies, nourishing abhyanga (oil massage), and other ayurvedic home remedies for any mind and body concerns that may pop up. 

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