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Join our 10-day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Heal your digestion, increase your energy, and cultivate healthy habits for life.

Release the summer heat and reset your body with the seasonal transition to Fall. This 10-day guided home cleanse provides step-by-step instructions, recipes and self-care to align you with Autumn.


The autumn junction (along with the Autumn junction) is considered to be a delicate time for health, which also makes it an excellent time to give your system a break. During the summer months we tend to accumulate heat, slip out of our routine & indulge in the pleasures of life. This is all wonderful, but as the season transitions into new qualities, we too must transition our diet and lifestyle practices with it. This junction between seasons allow us a moment wipe the slate clean and establish balance so that we can enter into the new season feeling fresh!

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Do you want to...

  • Heal your digestion & get rid of belly bloat

  • Feel more energized throughout the day without relying on caffeine 

  • Establish healthy habits without extreme dieting or deprivation & restrictions

  • Begin to balance your hormones, sleep better & have clearer skin

  •  Generally feel more light, clear, and balanced

The good news is that you get to have all of this, and it can happen quite simply when

you work with Ayurvedic principles to heal the root of your health concerns rather than

quick fix approaches that just get to the surface. 

You  do not need to restructure your entire life to feel radical changes in your health and well being.

You just need to be able to recognize the key pieces of your day and diet that contribute to the patterns that are keeping you stuck and create new habits that will change the way you look, feel, and approach life for the long run.


Feel Aligned


Using my 3- part cleanse structure you will go on a journey to restore your energy, reset & heal your digestion, commit to self-care and step into the Autumn feeling grounded & nurtured.

This reset is safe for a diverse range of constitutions and imbalances. The cleanse is ver

In this 10-day Ayurvedic lifestyle cleanse, you discover new tools for healthier habits that will nourish and align you with Fall’s rhythms.


“I highly recommend this program! Being intentional about what goes into your body and how it directly effects your digestion, mood, energy and brain is such a powerful tool! Her gut health/digestion resets are so wonderful. Its fascinating the way the body and mind respond so quickly!”  

BLAIR / age 32 / Los Angeles

I love these resets so much! I have done a lot of things like this, but I never feel as nourished, grounded and clear as I do when I follow the Ayurvedic Path! Leigh makes it so simple, intuitive, and gentle. But I always walk away feeling like a new woman!

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EMILY / age 33 / Washington DC


  1. Cleanse Manual: A step-by-step guide through the 10 days so that you feel confident and clear about how to get results & feel restored. There is information about Ayurveda, self-care rituals, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques & much much more! 

  2. Recipe Booklet: A 35 page menu guide that will bring you through the three phases of the refresh and feed you delicious, nutritious and well balanced meals. 

  3. Members Area:  An easy to navigate course platform that divides up the cleanse into steps, helps you navigate your cleanse manual and includes resources & links! 

  4. Community Space:  A place where we can share our experience, connect with one another & dive deeper into questions or concerns that arise along the way. 

  5. Group Calls: There will be  live zoom calls, each one will be recorded so that if you cannot attend live you can watch it later. 



  • A detailed Shopping list with links to products that give you 15% off of any cleanse supplies you need to purchase!

  • Daily check in, affirmations, and journal prompts

  • Recorded Yoga practices, breathwork & meditation that you can utilize throughout your refresh 

  • A yoga Nidra recording to help you tune into your body, relax and deeply rest 

  • Discounted Price on individual health coaching with me!

Join Program
  • Autumn Reset

    A 10 Day Seasonal Cleanse
    Valid for 3 months
    • Membership to our online support group
    • Available until December 31st, 2022
  • Cleanse + Consult

    Receive a personalized plan for after your Autumn Cleanse
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to the 10-day reset
    • Membership to our online support group
    • Available until December 31st, 2022
    • 45-min personalized consultation ($120 Value)
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