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I love creating custom herbal formulas for clients. Ayurveda treats the individual, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. ⁠

When working with an ayurvedic practitioner, your herbal protocol can be designed specifically for the things you’d like to work on improving, supporting or maintaining both physically and mentally. It’s not about the “kitchen-sink” remedy and throwing a bunch of things together in hopes something will benefit. Rather it’s consciously choosing appropriate plant and herbal formulations (churnas) for your specific constitution. Each formula is specifically made for you as an individual! How much sense does that make!? 

When blending herbs we consider many things, some of them are…⁠

⊹ P R A K R U T I // birth constitution 

⊹ V I K R U T I  // current state of health  

⊹ R T U  // the season⁠

⊹ D H A T U S   // the organs and tissues ⁠

⊹ G U N A S // the desired qualities ⁠

⊹ R A S A // the taste⁠

⊹ V I R Y A // the energetics & potency of the herb⁠

⊹ V I P A K  // the post-digestive effect⁠

Right now during this global pandemic, I am even more reminded of the healing capacity of nature and the very potent medicinal plants that surround us. For centuries people had the knowledge of the plants around them and knew how to utilize them for health. It’s no surprise that so many of our modern pharmaceutical medicines are derived from plant sources. Unfortunately many of them aren’t also. ⠀

Each herb brings it’s own little magic to the party. As they are used in combination they can help each other out, boosting certain healing properties as their two biochemical, energetic and molecular components start to dance together in the body! ⠀

Certain herbs have an affinity for particular organ systems, digestive and hormonal influences. In this way you can target specific body systems like the reproductive system or lymphatic networks. They can boost immunological and metabolic processes and of course also benefit both the spiritual and mental. ⠀

Plants have been used as potent medicines for healing for thousands of years, and sadly now we turn mostly to chemicals with harsh side effects to cure even the smallest disturbances. It’s really empowering to learn about simple plant remedies and become part of your own healing! ♡ 

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