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Nourishing Oats with Stewed Fruit

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I am pretty sure I make some of the best oats out there :) They take very little time to make, have so much flavour and keep my digestion strong and nourished. Every bite feels like a little hug.

The secret to my recipe is the stewed fruit & fruit water that adds such a nice sweetness and really keeps the textures and consistency lovely. I am not a fan of sticky oats. The stewed fruit it also fiber rich and it’s water helps to keep your GI moving :)

How to Make

Stewed fruit topping: 

  • I like to use dates, figs & mulberries (you can use just one of these fruits or a mixture) : I have also used prunes, apricots, golden berries, so there are many lovely options — note: I am using dried fruit

  • Heat water in the kettle to boil  

  • Chop the dates and figs into smaller bites (i typically use around 3 figs, 4 dates & a healthy handful of mulberries)

  • Place all the fruit in a little pot 

  • Pour the boiled water on top of the fruit so that they are covered with about an inch of water on top 

  • Place a lid on the pot and lightly simmer while you cook your oats 


  • Oats can be cooked with alternative milk, i typically use coconut or almond 

  • Add 1 cup oats to pot and then 2 cups alternative milk 

  • Add ½ tsp cinnamon 

  • Add ¼ tsp cardamom 

  • Add spoonful of finely chopped fresh ginger (I like a bigger amount, but you can go to your liking)

  • Cook on a medium-low heat 

  • Stir frequently until the oats are cooked (note: do not cook for too long because they will get sticky! but not to worry, if your oats get sticky, the stewed fruit water will come to the rescue!)  

  • Pour the stewed fruit & fruit water on top and stir it all in

  • Top with hemp seeds & ground flaxseeds 

  • optional: sprinkle a little raw cacao nibs on there :)


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