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Quick Tips for a Healthy Winter

When the seasons change, we must also change with them. Even the smallest shifts can make all the difference for feeling our best and aligning with the rhythms of nature. Snow has arrived, and we are transitioning from Vata (cold & dry) to Kapha (wet & cold) so here are a few tips for a healthy winter season.

The qualities of winter begin to shift in snowy regions (depending on where you live) and we see more qualities of cold, damp, dark, heavy, etc. Hello Kapha!

Kapha primarily resides in the lungs & respiratory tract so traditionally we know this time to be cold & flu season. In Ayurveda, ‘like increases like’ and we balance with opposites. Kapha is cold, damp & heavy — keep things more warm, light & mobile.

Wintery Tips:

❄️Wake up a bit earlier to combat drowsiness & the desire to hibernate in bed all day

❄️Sip warm water through the day. Warm water is lighter and supports digestion, metabolism and release of toxins, while cool water is heaver with higher viscosity and slows down these functions.

❄️Enjoy warm spiced teas! (cinnamon, ginger, clove, tulsi) OR Support digestion with a tea of cumin, coriander, fennel and fresh ginger root

❄️Favour warm, cooked foods. Excess Kapha can slow down digestion, so use your SPICES! Enjoy astringent, pungent & bitter tastes.

❄️Avoid cold foods and beverages (they will diminish digestion & lead to congestion). think about those qualities outside: cold, damp, wet…let’s not add to them!

❄️Get moving! it may be tempting to stay inside and cozy, and I love rest…however, Kapha likes to stagnate, so go on a walk, do a 30 minute workout, ski, snowshoe, sled!

❄️ Clear Kapha from the sinuses with daily Nasya oil and a daily steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil!

❄️ Amp-up your immune support with a dose or two of food-based immunity supporters such as elderberry syrup or a fire cider.

Making these slight changes to daily habits and diet can help to restore balance and return that sense of equilibrium to the body, mind, and spirit.

For more personal guidance and herbal support please reach out for a consultation!

Stay healthy my friends!

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